Association Manager Job Description

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Association Manager Job Description and Profile

An association manager is basically responsible to oversee day-to-day activities of an association which includes conducting meeting, disbursing funds, liaison between tenants and owners. He must be knowledgeable about US tenancy law and licensing. He is also responsible for expansion of an association by inclusion of new members. An association manager is chosen by Board members and he reports to them.

Association Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Is responsible for maintaining decorum in the community
  • Is responsible for maintain the financial plan and records for an association
  • Is responsible for conducting meetings and submitting reports and financial statement to board members on regular intervals of time
  • Must keep track of changing tenancy laws and license policy and update association accordingly
  • Is responsible for conducting recreational event for the residents
  • Is responsible for public relations activities
  • Is also responsible for maintenance of the community in terms of repairs, safety and insurance

Association Manager Education, Training and Qualifications

An association Manager must possess a High school diploma. He must know planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing and report making. His business acumen must be excellent for inclusion of new members in the community. He must have basic computer skills and must be well aware about fire drills and other safety measures. A sales and marketing experience is another desirable qualification for this designation along with good PR skills.

Association Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification

An association Manager must have a college degree must have hands on experience of Win Lab and MS Office. An overall knowledge about a specific type of establishments like condiments, community living, office establishments and Apartments increases the market value of a Manager. He must be well aware about the mechanical system and must have fair knowledge about Building construction for making an up sale. He must update his education qualifications with Business Management degrees, real estate laws, liabilities and risk.

Association Manager Skills and Specifications:

  • Must have relationship building skills for residents and inclusion of new members
  • Must know the art of getting things done from his sub ordinates and external agencies
  • Must also be a good collection agent for overdue rents and maintenance amount
  • Must be well versed with the product he is selling, domain expertise must be excellent

Association Managers Salary/Wage:

The salary of an Association Manager ranges from $25, 000 to $75,000 annually depending upon the experience and qualification.

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