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Audio Video Job Profile and Description

A program in the electronic media has a creative aspect and a technical side. By audio and video job, we mean any work that is related to the technical part of a production, something that deals with handling and monitoring of equipment used for handling audio and video of a program. These technical details not only help in the production of a project but also help to highlight certain finer details of a particular scene, appealing to the audience and creating a bigger impact.

Among audio/video jobs, one can be an equipment technician, where one would have to be familiar with microphones, speakers, projectors, sound and mixing boards etc., among others.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Your primary responsibility would be to identify and solve any problem related to the media system or the filming process
  • You may need to suggest camera movements, give opinions on picture composition or edit videotapes
  • Your suggestion may also be required for construction of sets and handling of lighting equipment
  • You may also have to compress, digitize, duplicate and store audio and video data
  • Maintain inventories of audio and video tapes, monitor incoming and outgoing pictures, regulate sound inputs and feeds, or coordinate audio feeds with television pictures

Skills and Specifications:

  • Knowledge of computers and the appropriate electronic equipment is necessary
  • Must know how to practically apply engineering principles to design of machines and services
  • Must be aware of the process of transmission, broadcast and operation of telecommunications systems and media communication
  • Must be familiar with production methods and principles and processes for providing customer and personal services

Education and Qualifications:

  • An engineering degree with specialization will be required
  • One can also go for specific film-making courses, which teach and give practical experience in production processes in details

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