Broadcast journalist job description

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Broadcast journalist Job Profile and Description

A broadcast journalist is someone who works for a TV news channel or radio station. Like any other reporter, he is responsible for investigating, gathering and reporting on various incidents and current affairs. There is no difference between him and a journalist in the print media, but there is a difference in the way he has to present the news or edit it as he works for the audio/visual media.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A broadcast journalist can be a reporter, editor, anchor or presenter, a producer, correspondent etc
  • As one has to broadcast news either through radio or TV, the format and language of the news presentation must be different
  • The lines must be brief, to the point, usually in the present tense, and easy to understand as viewers and listeners cannot go back to read something they don’t follow
  • In the visual media, the reporter must also choose appropriate locations carefully, so that they go with the content of the story

Skills and Specifications:

  • A broadcast journalist is expected to present information in a balanced and accurate way through news bulletins, documentaries and other programs for radio or television
  • An anchor must be presentable and clearly read out the bulletin on air
  • He must also have some technical knowledge, as his work involves dealing with various instruments
  • A broadcast reporter has to work very hard as he cannot just take telephonic interviews with anyone, but must be actually present to take a TV byte

Education and Qualifications:

There are many universities and private institutions offering degrees and courses in the audio-visual media. They give training on how to handle and operate technical equipment that is used for editing, reporting and production. These students are also given practical experience to produce their own programs and bulletins, which will later give him an advantage over others.

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