Broadcast Technician Job Description

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Broadcast Technician job profile and description

A broadcast technician is a person who looks after the equipments used for broadcasting in a radio or a television station. These equipments also include transmitters. They maintain the equipments and checks whether any repair is required so that there is no interruption in transmitting radio or television shows and sending signals through the air. The job profile has huge responsibilities as they are dealing with day to day technicalities. A broadcast technician is usually an engineer as it necessary for them to study and have knowledge like that of an engineer.

Broadcast Technician duties and responsibilities

  • Regulating the volume and sound quality by controlling audio equipment when shows on radio and television are broadcasted
  • Checking the clarity and monitoring strength of incoming as well as outgoing signals in order to ensure quality of the broadcasts
  • Running the equipment that transmits radio signals
  • Maintaining a transmission log and complying with the rules set by Federal Communications Commission.
  • Maintaining a record of the programs broadcasted by the television or radio station.
  • Conversing with station personnel in order to determine audio and video levels of the programs running
  • Previewing the scheduled programs to check that signals are running and the programs are ready for transmission
  • Reporting if any equipments are not working and ensuring that they are repaired

Broadcast Technician skills and specifications

  • Must be methodical
  • Must be aware about safety measures
  • Needs to have a good eyesight
  • Need to have good communication skills
  • Have the ability to work under pressure
  • Must have good trouble-shooting as well as repairing knowledge
  • Needs to be updated with latest developments in broadcasting signals, computer broadcasting equipment, electronics and basic mechanics.
  • Must have the ability to adapt to making use of new technology

Broadcast Technician education and qualification

  • Certificate in engineering majoring in electronics or telecommunications
  • Diploma in engineering specializing in electronics, computer or telecommunications
  • Certificate in computer engineering

Broadcast Technician salary

The salary of a broadcast technician ranges from $25,000 annually to $65,000. The average salary of a typical broadcast technician in USA is $45,000. Some broadcast technicians join as junior technicians, in such cases their salary is on the lower side. Broadcast technicians who join as senior technicians or have previous work experience have their salary on the higher side or get a hike from their previous salary.

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