Church Media Job Description

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Church Media Job Profile and Description

Religious company like churches spread the word of God, or the teachings in the religious scriptures, through the media which helps them reach out to a large number of people. A person working in the church media is also called a minister and he must have a strong vision and sense of purpose about what he wants to promote among the people.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A person working for the church media must develop multimedia for various worship services
  • He has to prepare song presentations, announcements, video presentations, and sermon notes etc
  • He needs to develop a media team, which will consist of technical equipment and lighting and sound personnel for rehearsal of hymns, choirs, drama teams, etc
  • He must be available and accountable for all services and rehearsals
  • He needs to work with a worship director to develop programs and events as needed
  • He has to promote religious events as and when required
  • He coordinates with the staff for any event company
  • He makes worship bulletins and news letters
  • He may have to type the pastor’s sermon
  • He has to manage DVDs, podcast feeds, and multimedia presentations provided by the speaker or pastor
  • He needs to have a good theological background as he has to present religious content in the media

Skills and Specifications

  • Employees in church media need to be sensitive about religious views of people
  • They must have knowledge of theology and other Biblical related content
  • They must be honest, confident and hardworking
  • They must have good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • They must be creative and have a vision about what they want to propagate

Education and Qualifications

One needs to have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in theology, and can also go for specialization in mass communication.

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