Clinical Operations Manager Job Description

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Clinical Operations Manager Job And Profile

Medical clinics research new treatments and protocols, and analyze sample medications to assist physicians to cure patients. The clinical operations manager is the person who is responsible for such a facility. The person supports the development of the clinical affairs infrastructure and programs to ensure top-notch quality and timely availability of clinical trial results. The individual oversees the operational components of the trials and provides strategic directions for the clinical research. The clinical operations manager manages the research personnel through direct-line management. Moreover, the incumbent is responsible to develop the various processes and systems for the streamlined clinical research operations.

Clinical Operations Manager Duties And Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement clinical research goals
  • Review clinical practices, CRF, and reports
  • Ensuring consistency and adherence to clinical research guidelines
  • Cost efficient trials by managing and analyzing various costs, resources, and performance
  • Hiring and termination of clinical research staff
  • Negotiating and establishing external resource contracts
  • Integrating emerging trends in existing procedures
  • Developing training modules

Clinical Operations Manager Education, Training, And Qualifications

The individuals aspiring to become clinical operations manager must possess a bachelor degree with extensive clinical research experience. A bachelor, master, or PhD in medical or biological field is necessary. The incumbent must be knowledgeable about GCP, and local and international clinical research rules and regulations. He or she must be proficient in developing, testing, and implementing laboratory procedures. Some recruiters prefer training in employee management and motivational skills. A combination of medical technology and business managements skills are required to become a successful clinical operations manager.

Clinical Operations Manager Degrees, Courses, And Certification

A bachelor degree in medical related field from a college is necessary to take up a career as a clinical operations manager. Some employers prefer candidates who possess a MD or PhD from any well-known college. A course providing people management and negotiation skills is preferred by some recruiters. A certification course providing cost management, maximum resource utilization, and analyzing information will be more advantageous for incumbents aspiring a career in clinical operations management.

Clinical Operations Manager Skills And Specifications

  • Recognition of goals and strategizing to achieve these
  • Capable of discussing strategies and other sensitive information
  • Able to work across various levels while influencing client and organization culture
  • Understanding and developing long-term goals
  • Delegation of tasks while assuming ultimate responsibility

Clinical Operations Manager Salary

The salary of a clinical operations manager ranges between $50,000 and $110,000 per annum.

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