Concert Media Director Job Description

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Concert Media Director Job Profile and Description

The concert is a public and social event that requires design and planning. To this end the Concert Media Designer figures in to put to bear both creative and technical wizardry to enthrall target concert audience of specific age groups. You have classical and jazz music concerts for the mature and pop/rock concerts for the young, either of which requires stage management that puts together any number of elements from stage design, acoustic and lighting effects and the interplay of song and dance numbers and their sequencing to create a memorable concert experience

Concert Media Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Take stock of the available concert stage inventory and provide the creative muscle to deploy them artfully in a budget concert performance
  • Design and create a master blueprint for the concert stage design, schedule of routine numbers, props, lighting requirements, fog and other special effects with their corresponding scripted cues assigned to persons in charge
  • Meet and discuss exhaustively with celebrity artists the progress of the concert details, makeup requirements, sound, lighting and other staging elements.

Concert Media Director Skills and Specifications

  • Should have a thorough knowledge in all aspects of modern concert management and direction
  • Should have excellent network of friends and associates in the entertainment industry and allied support industries
  • Should have excellent organizational, administrative and leadership skills.
  • Should have excellent communication, diplomatic, negotiation, social and interpersonal skills

Concert Media Director Education and Qualifications

  • An associate or college degree in the performing arts, fine arts, theater production, advertising, mass communication, and related fields is basic to the position
  • 10-15 years of experience in the music recording industry or talent management with the last 5 years in a supervisory or management position in handling concert events is preferred

Concert Media Director Salary

The annual salary of a Concert Medica Director depends mostly on the musical genre, celebrities involved in the event being directed and the success of the concert in a hall or open air. But in general, the salary is in line with most state directors which can range from $75,000 to $100,000. Directing famous rock bands will often command the highest pay.

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