Concert Tour Organizer Job Description

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Concert Tour Organizer Job Profile and Description

Concert Tour Organizers are basically event managers who often work in talent agencies, music production companies or are freelancers who assist the managers of rock and pop stars when embarking on a national or global concert tour. They are responsible for securing the performance venues, publicity and media management, ticket production and distribution and the coordination work needed to bring all the elements of a performance under a suitable stage management process, along with organizing the financial sponsors of the tour.

Concert Tour Organizer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain health relationships with talent managers of high profile singers, instrumentalists, and music bands of rock, pop and jazz music, depending on the preferred genre specialization.
  • Promote the financial sponsorship of concert tours to individuals and companies who can take marketing advantage of their presence in the event.
  • Meet with the artist to get details of their performance requirements to ensure they get supported to the extent possible.
  • Coordinate with ticketing companies to get the event ticket designed, produced and marketed.
  • Secure any clearance or permit from government regulatory agencies or owners of venues where a huge public attendance is expected.
  • Contract security agencies for the protection of the concert venue, performers and crew.
  • Coordinate with music recording studios to ensure that the concert tour is captured on CD and/or home video.

Concert Tour Organizer Skills and Specifications

  • A passion for supporting and promoting celebrity music artists is a must
  • Knowledge in coordinating the complex elements in a stage performance is a must.
  • Must have superb organization, leadership and project management skills.

Concert Tour Organizer Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma or a bachelors degree is required

Concert Tour Organizer Salary

The annual salary of a Concert Tour Organizer depends on the firm employing them as most would earn based on commissions from ticket revenues. For salaried organizers, typical salary hovers around $30,000 per annum but can reach $300,000++ annually based on ticket commissions for high profile rock concerts.

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