Correspondent job description

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Correspondent Job Profile and Description

A reporter is someone who is responsible for formulating the content of a newspaper. All newspaper, news agency or news channel has a bureau which is like its head office where there are reporters who bring stories. But as a news organization carries stories from all over the state, country or world (depending on the readership or viewership), it is not possible to have a head office everywhere. So whenever a reporter writes from a city which is not where the main office is located, he is corresponding, that is, he is writing as well as communicating from a different place. This kind of reporter is called a correspondent.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Correspondents can broadly be of two types— a special correspondent who is basically a senior reporter giving his expert opinion on an issue, or a news correspondent who mainly writes about any news development in a particular city and sends it to his superior
  • Sometimes, a correspondent has a supervisor in the same city itself, but usually he has to report to his boss in the head office, depending on his beat
  • The other job responsibilities of a reporter and a correspondent are similar: He has to write stories about any occurrence or follow any news development, and since he is posted in the city where the incident has taken place, he can use his contacts and give a firsthand account.

Skills and Specifications:

  • A news correspondent gets a local angle of a story and hence he should be cordial and friendly with his local contacts and understand their culture and problems
  • He should be well-read and up to date with the issues there and give a local perspective

Education and Qualifications:

One can go for a journalism degree or a diploma, or can also be from a liberal Arts background to be a good correspondent.

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