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Editor’s Job Profile and Description

If the reporter is someone who supplies the raw materials, the editor is the one who presents the finished product. Usually it is thought that the editor only has to correct grammatical mistakes, but in reality his job goes much beyond that. An editor has to make sure that the final copy is readable or the news bulletin is clear and easily understood and factually correct. All these processes are part of making a successful, presentable newspaper or magazine.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • He must correct spelling and grammatical mistakes and ensure that the copy is reading smoothly
  • He must also verify details if they seem to be wrong or unclear
  • Sometimes if the copy is very badly written, he must also rewrite the copy so that readers can understand the news clearly
  • He needs to give headlines, captions, slugs, blurbs, and search for appropriate pictures and make graphics
  • A newspaper editor also has to design the page layout and decide the position of the stories and which one to give more prominence

Skills and Specifications:

  • In broadcast media, the editor has a more technical role to play. He must have adequate training in the operation of the machines used to edit the news reports
  • For print media, editors need to know about software like Quark Express, Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDraw etc
  • For radio/TV editing, the editor must have knowledge of computers and know how to operate the hardware to make the bulletin a success
  • Command over language is also very significant

Education and Qualifications:

Any course or degree in journalism teaches the basics of editing is required. Although language skills are the most important requirement in editing, these courses give first-hand experience in editing videos and pages and that knowledge is very helpful for a candidate when he is looking for a job in this line.

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  1. Boghos L. Artinian MD says:

    Editor’s whim

    I wrote a poem the usual way,
    but the editor took some words away,
    added others within its confines
    and changed the order of some lines.
    Initially, I was offended –
    thought harassment was intended.
    Then his version I read again and again,
    to notice that my ideas it did retain,
    and genuine emotions it aroused
    that my bardic aspirations did espouse.
    Thus I initialed the modified form,
    for, to be published one must conform.

    Boghos L. Artinian

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