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Executive Editor Job profile and description

An executive editor is an individual who looks after the editorial content of a newspaper, magazine or any kind of publication. In a newspaper house they perform the job of a newsroom leader and in the corporate world they usually organize the publishing of a book. The vision of a publication becomes clear with the help of an executive editor. He supervises the content written by the reporter, the assistant editor and a managing editor. An executive editor has huge responsibility in an company as he has to represent the publication to the media and other externals channels.

Executive Editor Duties and responsibilities

  • Managing the assistant editors and subordinates effectively
  • Ensuring that the content of the publication is as per the mission of the publication.
  • Approving the staff members hired for the newsroom and also performing conduct appraisals.
  • Making all the editorial decisions by looking at the editorial content of the newspaper or the magazine or the publication.
  • Conducting meetings and coordinating budgets of the publication.
  • Working in coordination with other departments like advertising, IT and production to make sure that all the deadlines are met.
  • Reading and reviewing all the paperwork before they are granted the rights to be printed.
  • Taking all the major decisions of the publication like deciding the layout design and approving the content.
  • Setting the tone of the publication and giving clarity to the editorial guidelines.
  • Working with writers to improve a certain section and also to suggest titles or headlines.

Executive Editor Skills and specifications

  • Necessary to have good written skills
  • Must have good command over the language
  • Must have good writing skills
  • Needs to be creative
  • Must have good research skills to ensure authentic
  • Must posses leadership skills as he has to guide the assistant editors, writers and subordinates
  • Must have good managerial quality
  • Must have knowledge about budgeting
  • Must be good in planning and scheduling

Executive Editor Education and qualification

An individual applying for the post of executive editor must have a university degree in journalism. It can be either a graduation or post graduation degree. The experience in the field of journalism is also necessary for the post.

Executive Editor Salary

The salary of an executive editor ranges from $55,000 to $110,000 annually and it also varies depending upon the experience of the individual.

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