Film and Video Editor Job Description

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Film and Video Editor Job Profile and Description

The movies that people watch in theaters and at home on DVD or Blu-Ray as well as the soap dramas on TV are the immediate result of the Film or Video Editor crafting a seamless collection of scene takes that create a totally cohesive wholeness for the audience. They can be edited for general patronage or edited for select audiences. It is often the case that editors can render more than 50% of film or video footages unnecessary for a 2-hour film or TV show. The Film and Video Editor often gets mandated by the movie or network producers on what goes into the final film, with or without the director’s permission.

Film and Video Editor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identify refinement requirements either through digital manipulation or through a retake of shots deemed unacceptable or inconsistent with before and after sequences.
  • Collaborate with the music director on the final edited work to ensure that the background music track can be developed in sync with the visuals.
  • Identify which parts require addition or better dubbing, sound effects or a re-shoot.
  • Catalogue and mark parts of film and video rushes to be spliced together for processing the pre-final print for approvals.

Film and Video Editor Skills and Specifications

  • Outstanding visual artistic ability, a good set of eyes and hand-eye coordination
  • Outstanding dexterity in the use of cameras and knowledge in lighting techniques in photography and lens management.
  • Has high computer literacy to use PC for manipulating video editing tools.

Film and Video Editor Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is basic but a post secondary education from film academies the offer courses in film or video production or from community collages that offer digital technologies and computers is ideal
  • 2-3 years apprenticeship as assistant film editors is an advantage.

Film and Video Editor Salary

Depending on the studio, the average annual salary for film and video editors is $52,000 with the mid 50% spread between $35,000 and $80,000. The bottom 10% earned about $25,000, and the top 10% took in about $125,000.

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