Graphic Artist Job Description

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Graphic Artist job profile and description

A graphic artist is responsible for creating the visual components for all kinds of visual media which include films, television, internet, magazines, advertising and newspapers. The graphic artist has to take suggestions from or understand the requirements of the customers in order to create the information and the emotion that certain production is trying to show. Most graphic artists work with the help of computers and use software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, Illustrator, Adobe Premier, Adobe after effects, Page Maker, Picasa etc. They may also use a mix of all the software in order to create their design.

Graphic Artist duties and responsibilities

  • Meeting the customers and understanding their requirements.
  • Developing and creating new ideas graphically in order to represent an idea.
  • Working with a design team and sharing out individual responsibilities. Sometimes a graphic artist may also work directly with the customer or alone
  • Meeting deadlines for completion of projects
  • Making use of various computer software in order to deliver the final product required by the customer
  • Billing or giving quotations for new projects. This is applicable for graphic artists who work as freelancers.
  • Planning and analyzing with the customer or the design team before delivering the requirement of the customer
  • Working in coordination with the other departments like photography, copywriting, customer servicing and production
  • Meeting the industry standards
  • Making changes in the design if advised by the customer

Graphic Artist skills and specifications

  • Must be creative in nature
  • Must be good at meeting deadlines and working within set timelines
  • Must possess good computer knowledge and various designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, Illustrator, Adobe Premier, Adobe after effects, Page Maker, Picasa etc.
  • Needs to have good designing as well as artistic skills
  • Must have good communication and listening skills as will have to interact with customers and understand their requirement.
  • Good organizational skills
  • Originality and strong visual sense

Graphic Artist education and qualification

  • Degree or diploma in graphic designing
  • Degree or diploma in graphic designing in fine art
  • Some graphic artists are also self taught and learn from working experience and necessarily may not have any formal training.

Graphic Artist Salary

In USA the salary of a graphic artist ranges from $25000 to $60000 annually. Graphic artists who work as freelancer have chances of earning more and that varies from project to project.

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