Interactive Media Job Description

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Interactive Media Job Profile and Description

Interactive media usually refers to products and services on the digital platform; they are computer-based systems which consist of text, graphics, animation, video, audio etc. However, interactive media is not limited to electronic media but also includes the print media like board games, pop-up books, flip books etc. Mutual interactivity is the most essential part of the interactive media, mainly used for educational, informational or entertainment purposes. There can be a number of jobs in this field. The most common job in this field is that of the interactive designers

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Interactive designers are in charge for developing graphic user interface for various interactive media projects
  • He has to develop two-way methods of traditional communication by involving users in the experience
  • A Flash designer creates games and interactive websites using the Adobe Flash software program, which allows them to incorporate music and movement into their projects
  • They also develop interactive education games for e-learning websites
  • Game designers work with a team to create the plot, characters, scenery and graphics for video games
  • Information system designers, working with tourist organizations, create interactive media displays, like ticket kiosks and information booths for trade shows or museums
  • Interactive TV designers create content for viewers to interact with their television
  • They develop the user interface that allows viewers to select what programmer to watch or record

Skills and Specifications

  • Interactive media is a field where one needs to know about the latest technological developments
  • One should be creative and have excellent communication skills
  • One has to be receptive to the demands of the clients

Education and Qualifications

In order to be in the field of interactive media one needs to do a diploma or degree in interactive media, animation, gaming or engineering, provided by a number of private or public institutes.

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