Journalism job description

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Journalism Job Profile and Description

By journalism we mean the investigation and reporting of any event, incident or current affairs, through mass media like the print, broadcast or new media, whereby millions of people can know about what is happening all over the world. Journalism primarily consists of essential two elements: Reporting and Editing.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A reporter investigates and writes about important happenings around us that may affect us directly or indirectly
  • He must present them in a fair and responsible manner
  • Through his contacts, press releases, personal interviews, surveys, wire agencies, government briefings etc, the reporter gets to know about certain news developments and he follows them and files reports
  • In big organizations, every reporter is allotted a particular beat, like a field such as crime, politics, business or sports
  • In another genre called feature writing, a reporter usually writes soft stories or human interest stories
  • An editor corrects and polishes what has been produced by reporters, be it print or broadcast media, through the usage of certain software and hardware
  • He must verify details, give headlines and highlight important parts of a report

Skills and Specifications:

  • What one most requires in this field is good language skills—both written and verbal
  • He must have knowledge of current affairs and the ability to be fair and hard working
  • In broadcast media, he must have some technical knowledge also

Education and Qualifications:

In today’s age, journalism is a much sought-after job, with institutes and universities providing degrees and diplomas. Through this kind of training, journalists learn about certain technical details. A background in political science, economics, and language is also helpful in honing the skills of a journalist.

Another field is photo journalism if you have an aptitude for photography. Many private and public college courses are available that teaches the technicalities of photography.

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