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Media analyst Job Profile and Description

A media analyst’s primary job profile comprises analysis of the interaction between an organization or an organization and the media, according to different requirements and targets. Media analysts have to study the market, use surveys and statistics, readership and viewership data, and choose the best place to promote a particular business. For example, consumers spend more during festive seasons, so the analyst will decide what may be the best place or time to promote a product so that more people can be targeted. He also decides what publication, position or display should be used to attract the maximum number of consumers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A media analyst has to keep track of how well a organization or a brand is portrayed and covered in different media such as newspapers, television and the internet
  • He has to keep track of where and how often a product is mentioned and how many people have seen the article, ad or program
  • He has to analyze the effect of the campaign
  • He has to analyze if that article was successful in creating a positive image or did not create an impact
  • He also has to see if that particular audience is important for the product’s success.

Skills and Specifications:

The analyst should have knowledge and understanding of figures and see how these results relate to and affect each other. Since it is a specialized job, he should have the ability to comprehend media trends and apply them in his work.

Education and Qualifications:

A degree in mass communication with specialization in advertising and media relations will help. However in the digital age, where internet has penetrated most homes, there are specialized fields like social media analysts who keep track of the way a product, organization or even an individual is portrayed online.

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