Media Assistant Job Description

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Media Assistant Job Profile and Description

A media assistant may work for a media organization, advertising agencies, public relations companies or any general company and helps with a number of tasks related to these fields.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • He has to handle calls of the media department and assist the media manager or operation manager in general administrative duties
  • He should coordinate with advertising agencies and other media companies
  • He has to plan meetings and make arrangements for appointment
  • He prepares and implement media plans or any other media-related events
  • He has to make a calendar of events for his company
  • He is also responsible for making press releases, media kits and updating the company website
  • He has to maintain office files and update mailing and contact lists
  • He takes care of all press releases, programs, advertisements, and other promotional activities
  • He has to keep himself up to date with the media trends, arrange and monitor advertising response surveys
  • He collects and present advertisement response data
  • He has to prepare and monitor the budget, the money spent and the response received
  • He should monitor press coverage and respond to any media query
  • He should follow what the competition is doing and keep himself abreast of the latest developments in this field

Skills and Specifications

  • A media assistant should be motivated and confident
  • He should have strong communication and networking skills
  • He should be organized and be able to multi-task
  • He should be good with numbers
  • Knowledge of computers and certain software required for this field is also helpful

Education and Qualifications

In order to be a media assistant one needs to have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in mass communication with specialization in marketing, public relations or media management. One can also do an MBA in a relared field.

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