Media Coordinator Job Description

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Media Coordinator Job Profile and Description

A media coordinator’s job profile is similar to that of a media buyer and in many companies the two roles overlap each other or are performed by one person. A media coordinator has to coordinate the different stages involved in the process of buying of airtime in TV channels or print space in publications like newspapers and magazines for the clients of an advertising agency.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A media coordinator researches data on readership or viewership statistics and surveys
  • Based on the findings, he determines the best media plan for his client that would have the maximum reach, impact and recall value
  • According to the client’s campaign objectives and budget, the media coordinator works with different divisions like the media team, creative team and accounts division to make a successful campaign
  • He has to choose the most appropriate medium, the ad’s position in the medium, correct time/season, geographical region, decide how to allocate funds etc.

Skills and Specifications:

  • A media coordinator should be able to multi-task between different divisions as his job is that of coordinating different processes
  • He should be able to articulate clearly and be good with numbers
  • He should also remain up-to-date with latest research and statistics on readership and viewership, which will help him in formulating campaign strategies
  • He should have good communications skills and be able to maintain cordial relations with his clients and media houses

Education and Qualifications:

  • You can go for a management degree, specializing in marketing and media management, or a degree in statistics
  • A liberal Arts background is also often opted for by aspirants
  • There aren’t really any specific degrees devoted to the media coordinator profession. But as trainees you may have to start with account management or work with the creative division.

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