Media director job description

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Media Director Job Profile and Description

A media director plans and implements media programs in the advertising division. He oversees the media division and is responsible for managing his client’s media buying and planning needs. He interacts with ad agents or media representatives, selects the most suitable programs and also negotiates the price of the campaign, which will not only get the maximum reach but also ensure the optimum use of budgeted funds.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • He places ads in the print media, like magazines and newspapers, or uses the electronic media, like TV and radio or new media like the internet, or movie merchandise.
  • He does research, studies demographic and consumer profiles, has to understand his client’s target and objectives
  • Based on these carefully calculated findings and analytical models, he has to decide the placement of the ad
  • After deciding what medium, geographical location and time would be best for promoting the product for the identified target audience, he communicates with representatives of ad agencies and product managers to implement the campaign
  • He should habitually read trade journals and study statistics to know about the latest media trends, innovations, and changes that affect media planning

Skills and Specifications:

    • Although his work profile seems to be similar to that of a media buyer or seller, he is actually more of a supervisor. Hence, he should possess managerial qualities, should be persuasive and make contacts
    • He needs to coordinate and direct all the processes involved in a successful media campaign for his client, meet sales representatives. So he should have good communication skills and know how meet targets with the budget allotted

Education and Qualifications:

A degree in advertising is very helpful in this field, which gives one the chance to get practical experience and knowledge. A media management degree is also of help.

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