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Media Job Profile and Description:

With the development in technology and the realization of the power of media, a lot of people seek to have a career in this field. A media career encompasses a wide range of jobs that one can choose from depending on one’s aptitude. You can work for print, broadcast or news media and reach millions of people. Every medium has its own requirements and objectives. So, you can take up a creative path and assist in producing a program, or a managerial path, help in the management of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities (depending on the job profile):

  • A reporter should be ready to investigate, have contacts and write or broadcast a story in an impartial way.
  • An editor should possess excellent language skills and correct the reporter’s mistakes, verify and edit the video, giving it the necessary finishing touches.
  • A producer should coordinate with all the different departments and ensure the smooth running of the show.
  • An anchor should be quick-witted, presentable and convey the news in a lucid and entertaining manner.
  • A public relations officer should be the link between the media and an organization.
  • A media seller should sell space in his channel or publication in order to get revenues for his organization.
  • A media buyer purchases media space to promote his organization’s products etc.

Skills and Specifications:

  • One should have outstanding communication and language skills.
  • In media buying/selling jobs, one should be good with facts, data and numbers.
  • He must have some technical knowledge, especially in case of broadcast media.

Education and Qualifications:

For any media job, you can go for a degree/diploma in mass communication, with specialization in a field of your choice. You can also do internships while studying, which will give you first-hand information about working in a media house.

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