Media Relations Job Description

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Media relations job description and profile

A media relations job is almost similar to the job of a public relations officer with only slight differences. A media relations job holder interacts with the media on behalf of the organization. She takes care of the publicity aspects of the organization and ensures that the organization remains in the eyes of the public for good reasons.

Media relations job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a media relations job are:

  • Issues press releases in the form of emails, fax, interviews and updating of websites to inform journalists about the organization policies
  • Work towards increasing the visibility of the organization in the public’s eye
  • Act as a mediator between the organization and the media
  • Create a positive image about the organization for the media
  • Reporting the media coverage to the chief media manager of the organization with feedbacks
  • Make press statements keeping in mind the future prospects of the organization
  • Think of new and innovative ways of enhancing the image of the organization
  • Maintaining good interpersonal relations with the press and other members of the media
  • Use the resources of the organization in order to ensure that the correct information is made accessible to the press

Media relations skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a media relations officer are:

  • Exceptional communications skills and writing skills
  • Creativity in approach
  • Good leadership qualities in order to lead a team of junior media relations officers in the organization
  • Outstanding management skills
  • Exceptional presence of mind and a sense of humor while fielding questions from the press
  • High analytical thinking, logical mind, planning and resilience
  • Ability to convince and bring a change in the attitude of the press towards the organization in times of crisis
  • Good computer skills

Media relations job education and qualifications

The education specifications of a media relations officer are:

  • A bachelor’s degree in public relations
  • Degree holders in communications, media studies, journalism, information technology are also eligible for the job

Media relations job salary

The average salary of a media relations officer is $90,000 annually.

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