Media Researcher Job Description

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Media Researcher job profile and description

A media researcher is an individual who works in the field of media and helps in execution of all aspects of media programming. A media researcher can be found working in all the sectors of the media industry which include radio, web, television, advertising and films. They are responsible for finding information and ideas for the media sector that they are working in. They also develop new ideas for new programs and find the target audience for those programs. They also analyze various media to decide the best marketing and advertising venues. A media researcher also compares ratings data to find out the TRP of a certain program.

Media Researcher duties and responsibilities

  • Developing ideas for new programs
  • Conducting research to find the target audience for certain program
  • Conducting research to find what kind of programs the audience is watching
  • Determining the best setting for marketing and advertising for advertisers or sponsors
  • Meeting the advertisers to find the target audience that they want to attract
  • Discovering trends in media development
  • Conducting investigation in markets and finding output
  • Ensuring smooth running of the process of programming
  • Come up with ideas for future productions
  • Establishing the feasibility of an idea for a program
  • Planning and arranging the execution and production of a program
  • Meeting with directors and executives for future planning

Media Researcher skills and specifications

  • Should be creative in nature
  • Should have good planning skills
  • Should possess cultural as well as historical knowledge
  • Should have knowledge of production
  • Should always be alert
  • Should be practical in nature
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good Computer skills
  • Should have good researching skills
  • Should have knowledge about current affairs
  • Should have good communication skills
  • Interest in various sectors and subject

Media Researcher education and qualification

An individual applying for or working in the position of a media researcher should have bachelor’s degree in mass communication, marketing, journalism, advertising or public relations. A master’s degree in either of the fields will surely prove to be an added advantage.

Media Researcher salary

The salary of a media researcher varies from organization to organization and also on previous work experience. The average salary of a media researcher as per the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau or Labor statistics is $60,000 annually.

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