Media Sales Executive Job Description

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Media Sales Executive Job Profile and Description

Like any other organization, media companies also need to have a sales and marketing department which will help it get customers and generate revenues. Any mass medium has the ability to reach a large number of audiences and so it can sell this space to companies who can use this space for promoting their products or services. A media sales executive is responsible for ensuring that his team of media sellers bring the maximum number of ads to the company and meet the targets.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A media sales executive must coordinate among all the different media sellers of his organization and see that no space is left unutilized
  • He has to maintain contacts with old customers and constantly build new contacts by making extensive phone calls to prospective customers
  • He may have to travel frequently to meet revenue targets
  • He must ensure that the subscription targets of his organization are met
  • He must make sure deadlines are met, targets are achieved and business is brought to the organization
  • He has to think of strategies to maximize the revenue potential of the organization
  • He needs to give sales presentations to his customers in order to beat the competition and get the maximum number of customers
  • He also has to follow the latest trends in the media world and read journals and reports of readership figures, statistics etc to get more customers

Skills and Specifications

  • A media sales must have excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • He should have good networking skills and should motivate his team
  • Expertise in numbers and technical knowledge is also required
  • He should be confident and a team player

Education and Qualifications

In order to be a media sales executive one can go for a general business management degree or specialize in media management.

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