Media Sales Manager Job Description

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Manager Job Description and Profile

A Media sales manager is the one who generates revenue for the organization by selling businesses to clients. A media sales manger holds a very important position in a organization as he along with his team not only generates revenue for organization but creates a healthy business image of the organization. A Media Sales Manger spends money to earn more revenue from the expenditure.

Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Must be good at building up a port folio and ensuring the constant flow of revenue
  • Gives the market trends to creative team, who in turn make a product (TV soap, advertisement, magazine or newspaper) which sells like a hot cake
  • Must be well aware about demographics of the consumers and accordingly must market the same to the clients
  • Must help a client in positioning itself in market through his media (TV, radio or print) and in turn generate revenue from the campaign
  • Responsible for deciding the ad pricing for his media in case of television it also called spot selling pricing
  • Must be selective in choosing the customers and their appetite for marketing the product. This will also ensure account receivables

Media Sales Manager Education, Training and Qualifications

A Media sales Manger must possess a Masters in Business Administration with specialization in sales and marketing, also he can be a graduate in Journalism and Mass communication. A person with sound knowledge of media like TV, Print and Radio is eligible for this job. The basic qualification is he must be an excellent salesman.

Media Sales Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification:

A Media Sales Manger must have a college or university degree in business management with specialization in sales and marketing. A basic educational qualification helps in grabbing first entry level job and through years of experience and a successful track record of achievements one can become a Media Sales Manager.

Media sales Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Must be a target oriented person
  • Must be a good leader and must give high level of motivation to the team as this is a target oriented job
  • Must impart good training for improved sales and achieving targets
  • Must resource good team members for better revenue also must play vital role in employee retention
  • Must have good presentation and follow up techniques like prompt communication

Media Sales Managers Salary/Wage

The salary ranges from $35,000 to $110,000, also incentive are high in this job.

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