Medical Field Job Description

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Medical field job profile and description

The field of medical science is vast. There are a lot of jobs in the field ranging from doctors, dentists, nurses, lab technicians, radiologists, Physiotherapists and pharmacists. Each job has its own portfolio. However, the basic duty of all the employees in the medical field is to ensure good health of the public.

Medical field job duties and responsibilities

The job of the people in the medical field is a very responsible one as they are responsible for the lives of him people. The duties and responsibilities of a medical field job are:

  • Examining and diagnosis of the patients and their health conditions
  • Prescribing treatments and care
  • Recommending surgeries wherever necessary
  • Ensuring that the patient is comfortable with the medicines and plan after care treatments
  • Conduct tests and advanced procedures in critical cases
  • Advising on the diet and fitness programs for enhanced fitness
  • Advice the patient on personal care and hygiene

Medical field skills and specifications

The skills and specification of a medical field job are:

  • Extreme precision in treating people, especially during surgeries
  • Should be a perfectionist
  • Should have a pleasing nature and excellent communication skills to put the patient at ease
  • Should have a thorough knowledge about the medical field
  • Should be prepared to work long hours and be available for calls at odd times
  • Should have the potential to work under high pressure in cases of emergencies
  • Should have a brilliant presence of mind and think quickly to solve problems

Medical field education and qualifications

The education and qualifications of a medical field job are:

  • A four year medical degree followed by an internship and then a master’s degree in the specialized field is basic
  • Each job in the medical field requires special education and qualifications.

All the medical field personnel should hold license issued by the state health department.

Medical field office salary

The salary differs from job to job. Doctors can earn up to $350,000 per year, the median salary being $190,000. The nurses earn a median salary of $65,000. The other jobs have got their own scale of salaries.


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