Medical Transcriber Job Description

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Medical transcriber job description and profile

The job of a medical transcriber is to listen to recorded messages by the doctors and documenting them by the use of word processors. Doctors may want any type of detail to be transcribed like patient consultation reports, surgery reports, medical prescription, and tests reviews, chart reviews etc.

Medical transcriber job duties and responsibilities

The job of a medical transcriber is extremely important since the report she prepares will be used to file permanent records of the patients. The duties and responsibilities of medical transcribers are:

  • Listening carefully to the recorded voice of the doctor and entering the messages into the computer
  • File all the voice recordings for future reference
  • Organize the computerized data into patient’s files
  • Edit the messages and prepare a final report
  • Write summaries for the reports for filing
  • Interacting with the doctors in times of confusion or doubt

Medical transcriber job skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required by a medical transcriber are:

  • A sound knowledge about medical jargons, terminology and what is involved in the procedures
  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Outstanding translation skills
  • An organized way of working
  • High precision in work
  • A thorough knowledge about word processors
  • Ability to understand the accents and languages of doctors
  • Lot of patience many be required to listen to the tapes and written scripts several times before accurately getting to know the meaning

Medical transcriber job education and qualifications

The education and qualifications of a medical transcriber are:

  • A certification course or an associate degree in medical transcription is basic
  • Two certification courses are offered by the Association for health care documentation integrity (AHID). They are the Certified Medical Transcriptionist and Registered Medical Transcriptionist. These will be helpful for good future prospects.

Medical transcriber salary

Medical transcribers can earn between $100,000 and $250,000 per annum. The salary depends upon the work experience.

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