Movie Director Job Description

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Movie Director Job profile and description

A movie director is also called “the captain of the ship”. He is the individual responsible for the completion of a movie as he uses his vision to give shape to the movie. Among the crew members of a movie he is the person holding the senior most position. He is involved from the beginning till the end of the movie and supervises all the steps involved in movie making. He is responsible for both aesthetical as well as technical aspects of the movie, so he needs to have knowledge in both.

Movie Director Duties and responsibilities

  • Supervising all the crew members involved in the movie making process
  • Sometimes he has to give the budget of the movie to the producer and ensure that the movie is completed within that budget. He will also have to allocate the budget in different departments.
  • Choosing the location where the movie will be shot
  • Deciding all the camera angles and overseeing the cinematography
  • Guiding the actors how to enact their characters
  • Checking the rushes to understand how the movie is progressing and whether any scene needs to be reshot
  • Sitting with the editor and advising him to join various shots to give shape to the movie
  • Ensuring that the movie is completed within the allocated budget and the proposed deadline
  • Interpreting the script and getting the storyboard prepared
  • Deciding the look of the movie
  • Understand the target audience of the movie

Movie Director Skills and specifications

  • Must have a vision
  • Must be creative person
  • Must have good leadership as well as managerial skill
  • Must have knowledge about budgeting and budget allocation
  • Must have knowledge about scripting as well as acting
  • Must possess aesthetic as well as technical knowledge

Movie Director Education and qualification

The moviemaker needs to have Bachelors or Masters Degree in moviemaking or movie studies. A person with a related degree in the field of art can also be a movie director. Experience in the movie industry as an assistant director or experience in the production department can also help an individual to become a movie director.

Movie Director Salary

There is no flat salary amount for a movie director. It can range from zero dollars for an independent director to millions of dollars for an established director. Some directors’ salary is included in certain percentage of the profit of the movie

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