Multimedia Development Director Job Description

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Multimedia Development Director Job Profile and Description

Often employed in web design and creative agencies, the Multimedia Development Director provides the functional leadership to a team of online media artists involved in a project with customers to create media-rich web pages that include mostly Flash animation, video, audio, text and images. After creating the web design, these media artists go to work to incorporate the media elements specified for a web design project.

Multimedia Development Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversea the performance of media design artists in the field of image manipulation, video compositing, copywriting and Flash animation
  • Implement the guiding design principles and standards in web page development to ensure consistent stylistic design signature for the organization.
  • Submit multimedia-rich web design prototypes to customers for review and approval before final production begins.
  • Provide management support for artists in their presentation to web designs to customers.
  • Negotiate with voice talents or commercial actors and directors in producing short-video presentations of customer materials.
  • Conduct the final screening interviews of applicants to the division’s creative staff.

Multimedia Development Director Skills and Specifications

  • Should have sufficient background and understanding of online multimedia dynamics in attracting organic traffic to the site
  • Should have outstanding organizational, managerial, administrative and leadership skills.
  • Should have outstanding communication, social and interpersonal skills

Multimedia Development Director Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree in fine arts, advertising, mass communication or related fields is essential.
  • Master’s degree in business management or administration is an advantage but a 10-15-year hands-on experience in online media development is preferred with the last 3-5 years in management being an advantage.

Multimedia Development Director Salary

The annual salary of a Multimedia Development Director varies with the creative or web development agency, state and holder’s qualification. But typically, the average salary is in the $70,000 per annum.

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