Music Producer Job Description

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Music Producer job profile and description

A music producer is the creator of musical compositions or songs. They can be referred to as musicians as well as artists. They work in collaboration with recording artists and create music recordings or best depiction of their music. They combine instrumental and vocal elements with the purpose of mixing various sounds. A music producer supervise the development of the songs and also acts as a medium to fulfill the visions of musicians and investors for a song in regards to vocals, instrumental arrangements etc.

Music Producer duties and responsibilities

  • Listening to the compositions and picking the best songs
  • Supervising the singer or vocal artistes
  • Ensuring that the instrumental arrangements are correctly done for a composition
  • Adjusting volumes and effects during a recording session in a studio
  • Planning and coordinating the creation of a musical recording
  • Hiring technicians on a contract
  • Appointing all individuals involved in a music recording like singers, pianists, drum players, guitarists and music arrangers
  • Understanding the vision of an artist and also advising in order to improve the vision
  • Presenting a musical recording to the world
  • Negotiating fees with the artiste, music arrangers and all those individuals involved in a music recording
  • In case a band records a number of tracks, the music producer choose the best tracks out of the lot
  • Deciding the equipments to be used for a recording session
  • Overseeing the missing of the record by an engineer

Music Producer skills and specifications

  • Good knowledge about music
  • Proper knowledge about the music market
  • Outstanding leadership skills
  • Effective supervisory skills
  • Knowledge about computer
  • Knowledge about various software used in music recording
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Must be creative as he has to compose new sounds and compositions
  • Basic sound editing skills
  • Technical skills to operate soundboards and playback tracks

Music Producer education and qualification

Though it is not necessary for music producers to have any formal education, there are certain degrees or courses that an individual who wants to work as a music producer can pursue. They can pursue Bachelor in Music with specialization in Music production or Music Business. There is also Bachelor of Science in Music Technology.

Music Producer Salary

There is no fixed salary of music producers; it varies from project to project and type of music which is to be produced with experience.

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