New Media Job Description

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New Media Job Profile and Description

‘New media’ is a term used to denote an amalgamation of traditional media like newspapers, magazines, films, photos, TV channels, radio etc with computer and communications technology, and most importantly the internet. The most important feature of new media is interactivity with the client. A person working in new media may a have wide number of responsibilities depending on the job profile.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • New media specialists need to create graphic effects that enhance the multimedia products
  • They include narration, 3D animation, sound effects, music, dialogues etc in their content
  • They combine internet accessible digital text, photos, and videos with web-links
  • They create the content in such a way that there is active participation of the clients, contributors, and feedback of users
  • They must keep up to date with the latest developments in the media world and incorporate those changes in their medium in order to remain popular among the audience
  • New media consists of a technical team and the content providing team; the latter forms the content suitable for this particular medium and the former fine tunes it to upload the content

Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge in Photoshop, PowerPoint, Flash and Dreamweaver is very important
  • New media specialists should have the technical knowledge for producing content for various media channels such as web, print, and multimedia
  • They must also have a good understanding of html, dynamic html, and Actionscript
  • They should be creative and have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

Education and Qualifications

One can go for a mass communication course in new media or also do a diploma in graphic designing and online web designing. New media requires knowledge of the software and programs used in this field and one can go for separate computer courses specializing in these software.

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