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News reporter Job Profile and Description

A newspaper, TV channel, radio station or news website always has at least two sides that should work in sync — the reporting division and the editing division. A news reporter reports or writes a story, thereby providing the content of a newspaper, news channel or news agency. Through this reports, a news page or bulletin is formed, which is ultimately presented to the readers or audience.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A news reporter or correspondent has to gather news using contacts, sources, through personal interviews, wire services, news briefings by the government or press releases sent by companies
  • After collecting the information, a reporter compiles the data and writes or broadcasts the report
  • He should follow the latest developments in his beat, that is, a particular field like crime, politics, sports, business etc, and file regular updates on his allotted topic
  • A feature news writer gives a detailed, alternate, human angle or comment on news stories
  • A spot news reporter, however, only writes about hard news, current affairs, that is, the latest developments or incidents that take place
  • A few reporters also need to work as correspondents in offices located far from the head office, they are sent to places where important events are likely to happen and then they provide a local angle

Skills and Specifications:

  • A reporter should spend a large part of the day investigating news before sending in the story
  • He should be hardworking, inquisitive and impartial
  • He should have good language skills and communicate with the people properly to get and present his report clearly

Education and Qualifications:

There are many colleges and institutes that offer degrees and courses in mass communication with specialization in reporting. One can not only get practical experience from these courses but also get training about the processes involved in successful reporting.

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