Political Speech Writer Job Description

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Political Speech Writer Job Profile and Description

It is said that some of the finest political campaign speeches were made by ghost writers or seasoned Political Speech Writers. This is often true considering that politicians are more capable in other matters of state then in journalistic or literary writing. Many even have speech consultants who advices them on how to properly project one’s persona to the public on top of having a good Speechwriter. These speechwriters are often employed as part of the political staff or can work as a freelance writer.

Political Speech Writer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet and discuss with the politician on the details of a speech, along with the points of emphasis, injection of situational humor and the declamatory styling of the speech.
  • Research the speech with the politician and revise as necessary.
  • Ensure that the speech gets adapted in the form suitable for a teleprompter when talking before a large crowd.
  • Conduct historical and social research to provide snippets of interesting facts into the speech for emphasis.
  • Coordinate with the politician’s advisers and research staff on items in the speech that require accurate and precise statement of details.
  • Ensure confidentiality of the speech before it is broadcasted to the public unless a copy to be disseminated to the press is allowed.

Political Speech Writer Skills and Specifications

  • Should possess excellent command of the English language with all its nuances and rhetorics, figures of speech as well as adaptive skills to vary writing styles to the speaking styles of the politician.
  • Should have diplomatic skills to deal with high ranking officials of the government.

Political Speech Writer Education and Qualifications

  • A Master’s degree in English or Literature is a basic requirement but a 10-15 year experience as a ghost speechwriter for CEOs, heads of corporations and politicians is preferred.

Political Speech Writer Salary

The annual salary of a Political Speech Writer depends on the level of government official being served. Typically, the salary is at the $65,000 to $85,000 range but could go higher based on the holder’s qualification as well. Needless to say, the speechwriter of the nation’s President can command a high salary

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