Post Producer Job Description

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Post Producer Job Description and Profile

A post producer is as important as a Director in a film or Television show. A post producer is responsible for editing the final product; he shapes the raw material/footage of film into the final release copy. A post producer must be highly creative with sound knowledge of editing tools and techniques. A post producer must understand the visual language and must be able to give a seamless finish to any film footage.

Post Producer Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A post producers’ primary job is to gather the entire footage and upload it in the edit machine for the final copy.
  • Once the gathering of footage is done, he must decide the edit decision list along with the director, which is basically sequencing of shots.
  • He is also responsible for sound, audio mixing, laying background music tracks and after affects.
  • He must oversee the entire post production process within the given time frame in case of live shows, daily soaps and urgent news stories.
  • Although editing is referred as an invisible art, it can make or break a film and post producer is completely responsible for it.
  • Responsible for inserting correct credit line and error free final product, even a single blank frame is not is accepted in this job.

Post Producer Education, Training and Qualifications

A post producer must be Graduate from college or university. He Must have a done a coarse in film making and techniques of editing, he must have complete knowledge about analogue and digital art of editing. He must know the latest video editing tools like Final Cut Pro, 3D and 2D, multimedia an added knowledge about Maya helps future career growth. This is not an entry level job and most Post producers start their career as an assistant to the editor. A detailed knowledge about edit machine is vital as during a machine break down he must be able to do the trouble shooting job as well.

Post Producer Degrees, Courses & Certification

A post Producer Must have advanced degree in tools of post production like film video editing, audio and sound mixing and techniques of after affects and also multimedia.

Post Producer Skills and Specifications:

  • Must be highly creative and technical.
  • Must have eye for detailing as he deals with the smallest unit of visual language-Frame.
  • Must be able to lead his team of assistant editors and graphic artists.
  • Must be a patient person as editing requires long working hours.

Post Producer’s Salary/Wage

The salary for a post producer ranges from $45,000 to $100,000 annually.

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