Print Media Manager Job Description

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Print Media Manager Job Description and Profile

The print media manager is In charge for development and execution of various advertising campaigns for higher circulation of his magazine or newspaper. He is In charge for handling a team of for higher profit and spread of the organization he works for. He is also In charge for planning and allotting media budget for the advertising campaigns for fiscal year and acquiring new clients for the organization.

Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

  • In charge for allocation of funds, and oversees the expenditure.
  • In charge for carrying out negotiations with vendors and other media for publicity and increased circulation
  • In charge for placement and internal communication within the organization
  • In charge for managing media budgets, media payments, purchase orders and execution of media plan.
  • Must be able to forecast the spendable budget of investors and parent organization.
  • Must conduct market surveys for brand recall and brand positioning in market.

Manager Education, Training and Qualifications

A Print Media Manger Must hold a degree in journalism and communication or advertising and public relations. An on the job training gives more insight on learnt classroom theories and techniques. A Public relation officer can climb up to ladder of Manager with years of experience. Experience in handling different media and working for different brands is always good for further growth.

Print Media Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification

A certification in Print media management is always good. Even a master’s degree in Advertising and PR or Masters in Communication and Journalism is apt for this designation. A Print media Manager with masters in Business administration with specialization in Sales and Marketing can do wonders in this job.

Print Media Manager Skills and Specifications:

  • Must be a team leader and must be able to motivate the supporting staff.
  • Must be a resourceful person and must keep an eye on the market trends and industry news.
  • Must be well versed with print media technologies and keep himself updated with latest technological updates.
  • Public and client relation skills must be excellent.
  • Must keep an eye on the overflowing expenses and keep a check on it.
  • Must have strong media relations with other media apart from print and must work constantly towards brand building.
  • Must have incredible negotiation skills with vendors and outdoor media and pr agencies.

Print Media Managers Salary/Wage

A Print Media Manger’s salary ranges from $45,000 to $90,000 annually

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