Social Media Director Job Description

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Social Media Director Job Profile and Description

Social media is increasingly used by companies as a strong marketing tool to promote their brands and the social media director is primarily responsible for identifying media opportunities and using them to the advantage of the organization. He has to develop and manage marketing programs and campaigns and should have a professional presence in social media space like blogs, social networking sites, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A social media director needs to build or manage business blogs, communities etc
  • He has to manage a brand, product and should have manage projects online
  • He should build and sustain a wide client base through his contacts in the social media
  • He should know the difference between vertical and lateral action when it comes to customer or community engagement and should know how to leverage both
  • He has to manage market research projects and be up to date with the latest statistics and media figures
  • He ought to be aware of the different tools and methods of social media to set goals and achieve them
  • He ought to build and manage a social media practice that gels with PR, product marketing, event management

Skills and Specifications

  • A social media director needs to have good communications skills, both verbal and written
  • He ought to know about different social media space and how to use demographic statistics for popular and relevant platforms
  • He ought to be able to multi task and have good analytical skills
  • Experience in online marketing, advertising and public relations is also helpful
  • He ought to have good networking and leadership skills


Education and Qualifications

In order to be a social media director, a degree in business management, with specialization in sales and marketing is preferred. He can also go for a diploma or a degree in mass communication and public relations.

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