Social Media Job Description

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Social Media Job Profile and Description

Social media is a phenomenon that has taken the web world by the storm – they use web-based technologies for social interaction and transform people from content clients to content producers. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Orkut etc are examples of social media. It is a blend of technology and social interaction.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Job responsibilities in this field would depend on the designation but the most important part of this job is that the candidate should have extensive social media experience
  • He ought to actively participate in social media activities like blogging, community development and management, social bookmarking, commenting, etc
  • He ought to be well-connected with the broader social media world and be a member of social networking websites
  • These sites are increasingly used by organizations for marketing and advertising purposes and so content should be arranged in such a way that necessary web links are provided to the clients
  • A social media strategy should be formed to increase visibility, membership and traffic across brands
  • One should experiment with new and alternative ways to leverage social media activities
  • Social media tools, trends and applications should be regularly monitored and the finding should be appropriately applied in increasing the use of social media
  • One needs to educate the management team on incorporating relevant social media techniques into the organization’s products and services
  • One should measure the impact of social media on the overall marketing efforts

Skills and Specifications

  • Creative thinking and ability to strategize is important in this field.
  • One needs to have knowledge in social media tools and techniques
  • He ought to have good marketing and communication skills

Education and Qualifications

In order to get a job in social media, one needs to do a course on graphic designing, web designing, marketing, new media etc. Most mass communication courses these days provide knowledge on social media too.


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