Social Media Manager Job Description

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Social Media Manager Job Profile and Description

Social media is the latest platform which is used by both organizations and clients to provide the advantages of new media along with social interaction. Due to its popularity, a large number of companies are exploiting its potential and are seriously looking to connect to the audience. Social media manager is one of the important position in this filed.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The social media manager is responsible for developing and executing a clearly defined social media strategy and has to report to the marketing head of the organization
  • The marketing strategy must comply with the marketing and client support initiatives of the organization
  • He must make sure the strategies increase brand equity and awareness
  • He should evaluate, plan, organize, manage and contribute to social media channels to reach the organization targets and objectives
  • He should ensure that a consistent marketing message is delivered to the market and the organization’s position is strengthened
  • He should analyze existing and potential media activities
  • He must be able to identify and interpret social media trends
  • He must conduct, gather and analyze market research to find out the business opportunities
  • He should plan, manage and implement all social media activities
  • He should work in collaboration with other marketing companies and develop unique marketing strategies and partnerships

Skills and Specifications

  • A social media manager needs to have good communications and writing skills
  • He should have strong analytical, forecasting and research skills
  • He must be able to multi task and meet targets
  • Experience in online marketing, advertising and public relations is also helpful
  • He must have good networking, leadership and negotiation skills

Education and Qualifications

In order to be a social media manager, a degree in computer science or business management is preferred. He must be proficient in the computer programs and software required in this field.

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