Social Media Marketing Job Description

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Social media marketing job description and profile

The job of a social media marketing executive involves using social media like blogs, social book marketing, community development etc, in order to improve the visibility and awareness of the organization in the social media.

Social media marketing duties and responsibilities

A social media marketing professional has to ensure that the organization gets excellent coverage in the online social medium. The duties and responsibilities of this job consist of the following features.

  • Evaluating the customer base and creating a social media marketing strategy in order to gain publicity for the organization
  • Promoting the brand value of the product in the social media circles by incorporating suitable marketing strategies
  • Continuously evaluating the changing market trends and applying new strategies according to the changes
  • Hold strategic discussion with the management of the organization to bring them up to date with the social media marketing of the organization
  • Thinking of new and innovative marketing ideas that will interest people, who are in the social circles

Social media marketing skills and specifications

The skills and specifications needed for a social media marketing professional are:

  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Creative approach to the marketing strategies of the organization
  • A thorough knowledge of the social media circle, its techniques and tools and how it functions
  • Excellent eye for detail, analysis, interpretation and prediction of market trends
  • Excellent networking abilities

Social media marketing education and qualification

The education level required for a social media marketing professional is listed below.

  • A degree in advertising and marketing along with a degree in computer science

The recruiters ask for experience in social media tools, marketing and advertising. Having a business management degree is an added advantage

Social media marketing salary

Social media professionals can earn between $35000 and $60,000 annually. The salary will increase based on experience.

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