Spokesperson Job Description

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Spokesperson Job Profile and Description

A spokesperson is a person who speaks on behalf of an organization or company, presenting their views, communicating information to and from the media, government and the public. A spokesperson is known by different names in different companies, like public information officer, public relations specialist, press secretary, or media affairs specialist.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • In order to communicate with the media, a spokesperson has to arrange and attend press conferences and appear for media interviews
  • He must correspond with individuals and groups and constantly interact with others so as to keep a smooth flow of information between a organization and the public
  • Being the public face of an company, he is required to travel frequently
  • In case of any disaster or a scenario where the organization or company’s reputation is on the line, a spokesperson has to handle some damage control measures, thereby assuring the public and stakeholders that they need not worry
  • In order to convincingly assure others, he must be aware of the organization’s policies, strategies and know what stand to take so that a positive public image of his company is maintained

Skills and Specifications:

  • A spokesperson needs to be diplomatic and be a quick thinker to answer questions put forward by the media honestly, yet in keeping with the organization policy
  • A spokesperson of any organization or political party must keep in touch with media persons and have exceptional communication skills

Education and Qualifications:

Usually a spokesperson is someone who is a senior member of an organization or political party as he is required to know about the company in details and have the confidence to face the media’s questions. However, a diploma or a degree in mass communication with specialization in public relations is helpful as it will give him training on how to tackle such situations for the benefit of his organization.

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