Television Camera Operator Job Description

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Television Camera Operator Job Description and Profile

A television Camera Operator works in unison with creative as well as the technical team. He is responsible for capturing the script visually in a linear order. A television production is mostly linear and a camera operator must be able to maintain the linearity of it. He is also in charge for capturing a still shot for press release or publicity. Before a live show he also does a dry run to avoid any technical mistakes and makes an anchor/presenter or actor familiar with the type of shot.

Television Camera Operator Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for mounting camera on the tripod and checking the audio devices of the presenter as well as Camera.
  • Must know the shot division prior to the shoot; he must work in close co-ordination with director and creative team.
  • Must know his subject well before shoot and accordingly instruct the light division.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and repair of camera and its peripherals like lens, tripod, monitors, head phones and microphones.

Television Camera Operator Education, Training and Qualifications

An education qualification doesn’t hold much importance here but a Television Camera Operator must know shot composition, camera movements like trolley and dolly well and smooth. He must also know the correct framing like whether to frame a close up or a wide shot, how much must be head room or nose room. He must be well versed with the technical terms and jargons that are used in a typical shooting location.

Television Camera Operator Degrees, Courses & Certification

A television camera operator must have sound knowledge about shot composition and framing. There is no minimal education required for this job but a certificate in journalism or Television production can help.

Television Camera Operator Skills and Specifications:

  • Must have good sense of lighting and set design.
  • Must have good command over language for understanding script.
  • Must have an eye for detailing and good hearing power.
  • Must have good stamina and ability to work fast during situations like war, famine or some live show.
  • Must be able to edit a feed and send it to the broadcasting unit in case of breaking news.
  • During Multi-Camera productions, he must be a team player and must adhere to the instructions of online director.
  • Must be creative with camera angles and also must have sound technical knowledge about camera.

Television Camera Operators Salary/Wage

The salary of a television camera operator ranges from $20000 to $75,000 annually.Download Television Camera Operator Job Description In Word Format

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