Cardiologist Job Description

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Cardiologist Job Profile and Description

The Cardiologist is a medical doctor with a PhD with the specialization in the field of cardiovascular medicine, a specialty in internal medicine. There are generally three sub-specialization areas – non-invasive, invasive non-interventional and interventional cardiologists. The last cardiologist sub specialization is are mostly your heart surgeons who spend most of their time in operating rooms performing angioplasty, bypass surgery and heart transplants.

Cardiologist Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Candidly discuss with patients recommended for open heart drudgery and their families the alternatives, cost and prognosis as well the related risks in the procedure.
  • Collaborate with fellow cardiologists and internal medicine doctors in designing the procedures for heart transplant cases, including assigning lead and assistant surgeons as well as back-up surgeons during a typical 8-12 hour operation.
  • Coordinate with accredited organ donors around the world for updates on the request for appropriate heart organs for patients scheduled for transplant surgery.
  • Perform non-invasive or non-interventional invasive and diagnostic and treatment procedures as necessary.
  • Perform balloon angioplasty and other heart surgical procedures on patients diagnosed with blocked arteries.
  • Document diagnostic and treatment results and ensure patient hospital records are properly updated and filed.

Cardiologist Job Skills and Specifications

  • Should have knowledge in the use of high technology devices and tools in diagnosing and treating skin disorders.
  • Should possess excellent communication skills
  • Should possess excellent interpersonal and people management skills

Cardiologist Job Education and Qualifications

  • A doctor of medicine with a state license to practice as a doctor is basic.
  • A PhD or post medical specialization in Cardiology is basic
  • The higher the experience in general patient care or cardiologic specialization is preferred.

Cardiologist Job Salary

Categorized under doctors and surgeons with specialties, the average salary for a Psychiatrist is $400,000 per annum, considered one of the highest paying professions.

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