Dermatologist Job Description

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Dermatologist Job Profile and Description

Dermatologists are trained doctors specialized in the care, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of skin diseases and disorders for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Considered the most popular among physicians for cosmetic reasons, they work in beauty care clinics to supervise skin care specialists and treat severe facial skin disorders. While cosmetic dermatologists are popular, there are many others who work in hospitals to treat skin diseases and collaborate with plastic surgeons in reconstructive surgery for burn victims. They can also be found in laboratory research in pharmaceutical organizations to help formulate skin care products.

Dermatologist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Examine and evaluate scalp and hair conditions to recommend either surgical or non-surgical topical solutions.
  • Operate skin laser technologies to eliminate body hairs
  • Treat scars using laser and chemical dermabrasion.
  • Examine skin to determine extent and nature of disease, taking skin biopsies and smears, subjecting them to laboratory diagnostic
  • Assist in reconstructive surgery for patients requiring skin grafting procedures.
  • Perform treatment of skin infections, surgically excising cysts, out growths and other cutaneous malignancies.
  • Refer patients with suspected melanoma cancer or tumorous skin growths to oncologists
  • Assist doctors in the emergency ward especially for burn and accident victims.

Dermatologist Skills and Specifications

  • Should have knowledge in the use of high technology devices and tools in diagnosing and treating skin disorders.
  • Should possess excellent communication skills
  • Should have excellent interpersonal and people management skills

Dermatologist Education and Qualifications

  • A doctor of medicine with a state license to practice as a doctor is essential.
  • Passing the certification exams of the American Board of Dermatologists
  • Membership in a dermatological association is an advantage.

Dermatologist Salary

Depending on the hospital and state, a dermatologist can earn from $175,000 to $260,000 per annum.

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