Admin Charge Nurse Job Description

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Admin charge nurse job description and profile

An admin charge nurse requires performing multiple duties in any of the medical facilities. His or her job entails providing nursing care as well as administration and management of a particular department within the medical facility. The admin charge nurse utilizes discretion and independent judgment in supervising and managing a team of licensed and/or unlicensed medical staff. He or she is responsible for the working of other nurses and providing techniques to improve their performance. The admin charge nurse is also responsible for the budgeting of the nursing staff employed by the department.

Admin charge nurse duties and responsibilities

  • Overseeing the nursing department or a specific nursing section
  • Monitoring and recording the progress of patients for providing accurate reports to the physician
  • Preparing the work timetable for the nurses and monitoring their performance
  • Provide training to other nurses on patient care
  • Ensuring a positive working environment and cooperation amongst the different workers

Admin charge nurse education, training, and qualifications

The minimum education required for the admin charge nurse is a graduate degree or a bachelor in science degree. Some employers prefer individuals who possess a postgraduate degree in nursing. An individual requires several years of relevant nursing experience prior to being hired as an admin charge nurse. Departmental charge nurses require a bachelor degree in their chosen medical sub-category. Additional qualifications preferred in individuals to become admin charge nurse are a psychiatric nursing, chemical dependency, or clinical specialist training.

Admin charge nurse degrees, courses, and certification

A nursing college bachelor’s degree in the field or a Bachelor of Science degree from a college is the pre-requisite educational qualification necessary. The individuals aspiring to become admin charge nurse should possess a valid and unrestricted nursing license from the specific state department. Post graduation degree in nursing and/or department specific courses and certifications are advantageous. Business administration or health care services administration courses are recommended to succeed as an admin charge nurse.

Admin charge nurse skills and specifications

  • Good communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of various nursing procedures and medical care
  • Management and administration capabilities
  • Willing to work hard with a ethical work practice
  • Sound writing skills to prepare nursing reports
  • Time management abilities and organizational capabilities
  • Compassionate and able to work under stressful conditions
  • Ability to work on several assignments with limited supervision
  • Receive and implement instructions with precision

Admin charge nurse salary

The salary for an admin charge nurse ranges from $55,000 per annum to $80,000 yearly.

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