Advanced Nurse Practitioner Job Description

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Advanced nurse practitioner job description and profile

The advanced nurse practitioner provides care to the incoming patients by collecting personal information, clinical assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation. The incumbent provides safe clinical decisions and care to patients within the general area of practice. The advanced nurse practitioner focuses on prevention and wellness, and educating patients in a medical setup. He or she will work with the team members to meet the patients’ requirements, supporting the policies and procedures, and leadership traits. The incumbents are qualified to diagnose and treat common medical conditions and some chronic diseases. The individuals work independently as well as with the physicians to provide medical treatment.

Advanced nurse practitioner duties and responsibilities

  • Assessing, diagnosing, and providing treatment to undifferentiated diagnosis
  • Managing acute and chronic diseases with the assistance of medications and non-medication based treatment techniques
  • Working with patients to ensure adherence to treatment plans
  • Prioritizing problems to assist patients in an emergency
  • Providing care to patients incoming with wounds
  • Undertake minor surgeries as suitable to the individual’s competence
  • Communicating with patients to provide adequate information
  • Providing support to family members
  • Ensuring quality services are provided to all patients

Advanced nurse practitioner education, training, and qualifications

A master’s degree in nursing is compulsory to become an advanced nurse practitioner. Training in advanced clinical skills and examination capabilities is necessary. Some employers require at least five years post registration experience with two years as a community nurse. Advanced nurse practitioner can improve their career prospects by acquiring audit and research training. Training in providing basic medical care and undertaking minor surgeries to assist patients arriving with wounds is preferable.

Advanced nurse practitioner degrees, courses, and certification

A bachelor of science with a master’s in nursing from a college is necessary to take up this type of a job. A certification from the relevant current advanced nurse practitioner is important to practice. Additional mentoring and teaching courses provide benefits to individuals wanting to become advanced nurse practitioners. Clinical supervision, training, and community nurse specialization are additional benefits that some employers prefer in potential incumbents.

Advanced nurse practitioner skills and specifications

  • Leadership skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Teaching and mentoring capabilities
  • Optimal utilization of resources
  • Strong interpersonal capabilities
  • Clinical examination skills and advanced clinical practice abilities
  • Awareness of local and national health policies
  • Knowledge about clinical governance problems in primary care

Advanced nurse practitioner salary

The average salary earned by an advanced nurse practitioner is between $60,000 annually and $100,000 yearly.

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