Cath Lab Nurse Job Description

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Cath lab nurse job description and profile

The cath lab nurses are an important component of the entire cath lab team and are required in hospitals and other medical centers. He or she is highly trained and a skilled nurse who works with the physicians and technicians in the cath lab. These individuals perform various cardiac catheterizations, angioplasties, and valvuloplasties. In addition, the profile of cath lab nurses includes assisting the physician in performing pacemaker implantations and cardioverter-defbrillators. These nurses setup the electrical and hemodynamic transducers and amplifiers and monitor the patients while the procedure is under progress.

Cath lab nurse duties and responsibilities

  • Patient care for individuals admitted in the cardiac care, intensive care, or cardiac catheterization units
  • Preparing the patients for the medical procedures
  • Maintaining records, updating patient charts, and conducting assessment of patient progress
  • Working with the physicians and technicians within the lab while the procedure is being conducted
  • Counseling patients and family members prior to the procedure
  • Participation in lab research and training other personnel on the cath lab procedures

Cath lab nurse education, training, and qualifications

Individuals should possess an associate degree from a two-year community college program, or a four-year bachelor’s degree from a college or university. The cath lab nurses should be registered nurses with an extensive experience in heart-related procedures. An advanced training and knowledge on the cardio vascular system and the various processes of the heart is necessary. The cath lab nurses should procure the state licenses and be trained on-the-job to perform their duties responsibly.

Cath lab nurse degrees, courses, and certification

A two-year associate degree or a four-year bachelor degree in a medical field is the basic degree necessary to become a cath lab nurse. A certification from the national authority for registered nurses is also important. Most of the employers require individuals to undergo a one-year course in critical care, intensive care, cardiac intervention, operating room, or cath lab units. The training includes classroom as well as practical training during the course duration.

Cath lab nurse skills and specifications

  • Awareness about various cath lab procedures to ensure patients are ready for the procedure
  • Counseling patients and family members before the medical procedure
  • Ability to handle and understand the cath lab equipments and their functioning
  • Understanding and following doctors’ instructions
  • Ability to provide cardio pulmonary resuscitation and/or defibrillation in life-threatening situations

Cath lab nurse salary

The salary for cath lab nurses varies from location to location. Nonetheless, the average annual salaries are between $75,000 and $125,000.

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