Clinical Nurse Manager Job Description

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Clinical Nurse Manager Job Description And Profile

A clinical nurse manager is the leading nurse for his or her nursing unit or ward. The incumbent is responsible for the management of the medical supplies, budget preparation for the department, evaluating the performance of other nurses, maintaining the patients’ medical records, recruitment for the departmental employees, and maintaining and improving service quality. A clinical nurse manager works with the other team members who provide health care services to the patients to coordinate and manage the treatment processes. He or she is responsible for the complete planning of the department to ensure excellent care to patients. The clinical nurse manager prepares the work schedule for the other nurses of the unit.

Clinical Nurse Manager Duties And Responsibilities

  • Complete charge for nurses within the unit
  • Administrative responsibilities include preparing departmental budgets, updating medical records, and insurance related documentation
  • Hiring, training, evaluation, and termination of the staff within the unit
  • Developing and implementing the nursing plan for his or her department
  • Assigning the work schedule for the nurses
  • Adhering to the facility’s policies and health care guidelines

Clinical Nurse Manager Education, Training, And Qualifications

The clinical nurse manager job requires a bachelor’s degree in nursing with a master’s qualification being more advantageous. Moreover, a person aspiring to become a clinical nurse manager should procure several years of relevant work experience. Additionally, the individual requires computer skills to generate budgets and reports for the department. Progressive leadership qualifications are necessary to ensure that all the duties are performed with high quality and in a timely manner.

Clinical Nurse Manager Degrees, Courses, And Certification

A bachelor or master degree in nursing or other medical related field is necessary. Gaining relevant nursing experience in providing health care services to patients is an additional benefit. Completing a course that offers computer skills is recommended as the job requires preparing budgets and patient records. Some employers prefer certification in business administration or hospital management to ensure competent management of the assigned unit. Any course that develops the chosen department skills is recommended to succeed as clinical nurse manager.

Clinical Nurse Manager Skills And Specifications

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Should demonstrate leadership qualities
  • Good organizational capabilities
  • Motivational qualities for improving team performance
  • Management abilities
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Continued research to keep abreast of developments in the nursing care practices

Clinical Nurse Manager Salary

The salary ranges between $55,000 annually to $100,000 yearly with the average earning of a clinical nurse manager estimated at $80,000 per annum.

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