Critical Care Registered Nurse Job Description

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Critical Care Registered Nurse Job Description and Profile

Critical care registered nurses provide specialized treatments to patients diagnosed with critical illnesses. Generally, these individuals work under the guidance of the physician and provide medications and therapies to patients admitted to the ICU. Some of these nurses work in the emergency room or cardiac care units of a medical facility. He or she is responsible for the regular administration of the therapies and provide superior services to dangerously ill patients. Some of the critical care nurses may specialize in a sub-category, such as neonatal or pediatric care. The critical care nurse provides medical attention to terminally sick patients or patients recovering from a surgery or serious injury.

Critical Care Registered Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

  • Providing medical care to patients who are seriously unwell
  • Regular and constant monitoring of the patients
  • Assessment and evaluation of treatment plans for terminally ill patients
  • Monitoring life support equipment and attending to wounded patients in an emergency
  • Responsiveness to any change in the patients’ conditions
  • Documenting patient progress to the physician in an accurate format

Critical Care Registered Nurse Education, Training, and Qualifications

Completing a four-year graduation program from a community college is necessary to become a critical care registered nurse. Additionally, individuals may complete an Associate Degree in Nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Aspirants are required to clear the NCLEX-RN examination to procure this type of a job opportunity. Several training programs that provide specialization in handling critical cases in their chosen category are available. However, most of the individuals procure on-the-job training and qualifications to prepare themselves for this career.

Critical Care Registered Nurse Degrees, Courses, and Certification

Most individuals complete a nursing degree or science degree to become a critical care registered nurse. In addition, potential aspirants should procure the registered nurse license from the state licensing authority. Although, specialty certifications is not mandatory most employers prefer a specialization certificate from potential candidates. Relevant experience and continued education are important to procure the certification from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. A BLS and ACLS certification is necessary to succeed in this job profile.

Critical Care Registered Nurse Skills and Specifications

  • Administering life supporting devices to terminally ill patients
  • Constant monitoring and assessment of the patients
  • Providing adequate and accurate patient records to the physicians
  • Should be able to cope and handle emergencies
  • Providing guidance and support to family members of critical patients
  • Ability to respond quickly to changes in patients’ conditions

Critical Care Registered Nurse Salary

Although, certified professionals earn a higher income than non-certified nurses do, the average salary earned by a critical care registered nurse is $68,000 per annum

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