Dental Nurse Job Description

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Dental Nurse Job Profile and Description

Dentists are in charge of providing preventive and restorative treatments for dental problems, that is, related to the mouth and teeth and a dental nurse assists dentists in various procedures and treatment in hospitals, schools, clinics, nursing homes etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Dental nurses work with dentists and orthodontists to provide dental care to patients
  • They examine a patient’s teeth and gums, make models of patients’ teeth and do other basic procedures
  • They remove plaque and tartar deposits, clean or whiten the teeth and take x-rays
  • They teach patients how to improve at-home dental care to prevent future cavities and to ensure general oral health
  • They also assist dentists during serious procedures such as filling cavities or performing root canals or other surgeries
  • They should also follow proper safety procedures.
  • Dental nurses adhere to strict sanitary and hygiene guidelines
  • In case of surgeries or serious procedures, proper radiological and anesthesia guidelines should be followed to ensure that both the hygienist and patient are safe
  • They should have knowledge of various dental tools and should keep themselves updated on the latest technology in the field
  • They also take care of certain administrative duties like taking appointments, greeting patients, helping with instruments, updating data etc
  • They should be able to comfort patients during surgeries and other procedures

Skills and Specifications

  • Dental nurses need to have a pleasant personality as many patients are children
  • They should have a good sense of hygiene and should be able to communicate well
  • They should have basic knowledge of computer to be able to do administrative tasks
  • They should be organized and be able to do multi-task

Education and Qualifications

Dental nurses should at least have a degree from an accredited dental school. They should also have a license and need to take entrance/ written exams if required.

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