Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Job Description

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Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Job Profile and Description

The Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, also called the ultrasound technologist, uses sound waves or technically known as sonography or ultrasonography as the imaging technology for the diagnosis and assessment of certain medical conditions. The position is closely associated with obstetrics when using ultrasound imaging to reveal live images of a pregnant woman’s baby in her womb. But the same technology is used in the diagnosis of other medical conditions using the technology to be videotaped, photographed and transmitted for interpretation by a trained physician.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide sonogram with written summary of technical results to attending doctors for medical diagnosis.
  • Analyze images, looking for variances between healthy and pathological areas for inclusion in the result reports to doctors.
  • Operate ultrasound equipment to record images of the motion, shape and composition of organs, tissues and fluid accumulations.
  • Ensure that ultrasound image produced is satisfactory for diagnostic purposes, making equipment adjustments as required.
  • Prepare patient for exam by explaining ultrasound procedure, transferring them to the testing table, scrubbing skin surface and applying gel, prior to operating equipment.
  • Maintain patient comfort throughout ultrasound examinations
  • Maintain patient records that include sonographs and interpretations.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Skills and Specifications

  • Should have excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Should have excellent social and interpersonal skills needed in dealing with patients and hospital staff physicians and other health care professionals.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Education and Qualifications

  • A Registered nurse with a post graduate training or degree is essential.
  • 3-5 years experience in general nursing care of mental cases is an added advantage,

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary

The average annual salary of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers is $65,000. The middle 50% earned between $55,000 and $75,000 per annum. The lowest 10% earned about $44,000, while the highest 10% earned around $85,000. Average annual salary was $65,000 in offices of physicians and $62,000 in general medical and surgical hospitals.

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