Emergency Department Nurse Job Description

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Emergency department nurse job description and profile

The nursing staff of the emergency department tends to the critically ill emergency cases. They are responsible for keeping the patient stable until the arrival of the doctor. The job is extremely demanding and draining. The nurse may have to work very long hours. But the job prospects for this job are very bright and the salary is good.

Emergency department nurse job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an ER department nurse are:

  • Seeing every patient who is brought into the ER and making all efforts to stabilize him
  • Setting priorities for the patient in which order, the doctor will see them. The priority will be based on the condition of the patient
  • Setting priorities for the patients for the order of surgeries
  • Collecting all the medical data like height, weight, blood pressure other vital signals before the arrival of the patient
  • Studying the symptoms of the patient and updating the doctor
  • Maintaining hourly records of the patient’s progress
  • Answering questions of the patients and his family and providing assurance
  • Computerize the information of each patient in the ER
  • Seeing that the computer records of the patients are kept up to date

Emergency department nurse skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of the ER department nurse are:

  • Ability to work under extreme high pressure conditions and be alert all the time
  • Tremendous presence of mind and decision making skills
  • Ability to reassure and console critically ill patients
  • A sound knowledge about the procedures followed in the emergency department
  • Ability to work for long hours with very little breaks in between
  • Interacting with the patient and family members and consoling them
  • Exceptional decision making skills

Emergency department nurse education and qualifications

The emergency department nurse has to complete the nursing degree with specialized emergency care study. The nurse also has to a license for practicing.

Emergency department nurse salary

The salary of an emergency department nurse ranges from $65,000 to $125,000 per annum, the average salary being $90,000 annually.

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